Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The Void ...and Designercon 2016!

Galaxxor 011 levitated just above the mirror-like surface of a giant disk floating in the blackness of space. Multi-colored bolts of cosmic energy crackled around him. Before Galaxxor, the towering projection of the Infiniton, one of The Seven Space Gods, loomed. It spoke- 

There is a crisis in the Lazarus Sector, Galaxxor. Your brothers, 002 and 005, are currently locked in battles on two fronts. It is the intention of Lord Gorgax to bolster his forces there. As I speak, the Space Barbarian Skalldron has taken Gorgax's greatest ship, The Void, and filled it with soldiers from The Evil Mutant Legion. They are headed directly for The Lazarus Sector in hope of turning the tide of the conflict, and crushing your brothers. It is up to you, Galaxxor 011, to intercept The Void, and eliminate this threat. 

The Void sliced through the swirling cosmic expanse of space. It was a massive longship built of a material so black, that it only registered as the total absence of light. In its control room, Skalldron gathered a group of 13 of his most elite warriors. Facing away from them, he looked upon a sprawling holoscreen. Amid clusters of arcane data readings was the image of Cerberus, a moon-sized pyramidal space fortress. Skalldron turned to face his men, steam rising from the joints in his armor. From the empty blackness of his helm, an eerie yellow glow projected from his cybernetic eyes. 

Prepare your troops, Generals. We reach The Lazarus Sector in four cycles! 

Once again this year, I have the honor of attending Designercon (Nov 19th and 20th in Pasadena, CA) as an exhibitor. I'll be at booth #1001 with my friends and fellow Glyosians The Godbeast, Mystical Warriors of the Ring and Bio Masters. I'll be bringing along what little stock I have left of Galaxxor 001/Thanyr, Gorgax/Roxxalag and Galaxxor 007/Infernicus. I will also be debuting a brand new figure, one which is heavily inspired by one of my all time favorite properties, Galaxxor 011/Skalldron. As with the other Glyos-compatible Galaxxor vinyl figures, Galaxxor 011/Skalldron will come with both the dome and the horned head.
Galaxxor 011/Skalldron will be $30 each and will debut at the con. Leftovers will be available on following the show.
Looking forward to seeing you at Dcon!

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Battle Begins- 08.22.16 at 8pm Central

It has been 100 years since the great cosmic robot hero, Galaxxor, was killed.
Slain by the dreaded Lord Gorgax with a planet sized weapon known as The Ultimate Nullifier Cannon, the physical being of our robot hero was splintered into 999 shards, each flung to the far reaches of the pocket dimension known as The Alpha. Almost immediately, a glowing green shell formed around the home of The Seven Space Gods, the crystalline planet, Alpha Primarus.
Over the past 100 years, Gorgax, his elite cadre of Cyborg Space Barbarian henchmen, and their Evil Mutant Legion has wreaked havoc upon the countless worlds of The Alpha. Some planets have held strong, but others have fallen to darkness and chaos.
But there is hope.
The neon shell that has surrounded Alpha Primarus has disappeared, and brilliant explosions of cosmic power are appearing at random locations, throughout The Alpha. In places like the giant blue sun, Anubis 5, and the hive world known as "Dragon City", new Galaxxors are appearing.
On 08.22.16, the battle begins!

It's been a long road to the full realization of this first batch of fully painted Galaxxor figures, from Galaxxor 001 and 007 to that bad, bad dude Gorgax, I'm truly unable to express just how excited I am about how nicely these figures came out. Even the "alt" characters, the Cyborg Space Barbarians Thanyr and Infernicus, and that mysterious entity known as "Roxxalag" blow my mind every time I pick them up and play around with them.
Hopefully, these guys are indicators to you of all of the fun and weirdness that we have in store for the future. It's going to be a crazy ride. Thanks for coming along with me!
Here's the word on the 08.22 drop-

$30 each, Limit 2 per order
Produced in a reflex blue vinyl, these 5.5" figures feature Glyos vinyl-compatible articulation at the head, shoulders and chest/waist. They sport multiple paint aps and tampo printing. Each figure comes with both the dome(Galaxxor 001) head and the horned(Thanyr/Cyber Space Barbarian) head.

$30 each, Limit 2 per order
Produced in a black vinyl, these 5.5" figures feature Glyos vinyl-compatible articulation at the head, shoulders and chest/waist. They sport multiple paint aps and tampo printing. Each figure comes with both the dome(Roxxalag) head and the horned(Gorgax/Cyber Space Barbarian) head.

$30 each, Limit 2 per order
Produced in a red vinyl, these 5.5" figures feature Glyos vinyl-compatible articulation at the head, shoulders and chest/waist. They sport multiple paint aps and tampo printing. Each figure comes with both the dome(Galaxxor 007) head and the horned(Infernicus/Cyber Space Barbarian) head.

All kinds of thanks, once again, goes to Matt Doughty and Marty Hansen, for their invaluable guidance. And Mark Vasquez, for all of his help, behind the scenes.

All 3 Galaxxor figures will go on sale Monday night, 08.22.16, 8pm Central at

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Cosmic Supernova- 05.25.16 at 8pm Central

In a lost dimension, light years from our world, super-powered cosmic robots do battle with Cyborg Space Barbarians for the fate of the universe! And soon, their power will be in your hands!

At the heart of the cataclysmic event known as The Cosmic Supernova, amidst the swirling energies of The Alpha dimension and the The Omega dimension, Galaxxor and Gorgax are locked in combat. Glowing cosmic green, the outcome of their conflict will alter The Galaxxorverse's timeline forever! It is an epic battle at the end of all things, and sets the cosmic wheels in motion for the beginning of an even more epic saga...

I still have a very vivid memory of being very young, being surrounded by my old MOTU figures, and my mother saying to my grandmother, "Someday, he's going to make toys."
It's been a long journey to this point. With the help of some humblingly talented collaborators, I've been creating Galaxxor figures, in the form of resin and custom toys for many years. And now, we're about to start a new chapter of the Galaxxor story with full production, Glyos-compatible vinyl action figures!

To adequately express how excited I am to be able to bring you production Galaxxor figures would be impossible. As would it be to express just how grateful for the help and guidance of Marty Hansen, Matt Doughty and True Cast Studio throughout this journey. I'm extremely lucky to have had some of the greatest minds in modern toymaking help me to bring you a Galaxxor that is far beyond what I had ever dreamed it could be.

We're going to kick things off 05.25.16 at 8pm Central at with Cosmic Supernova Galaxxor/Gorgax-

COSMIC SUPERNOVA GALAXXOR/GORGAX: $28 each, Limit 2 per order Produced in a pearlescent neon green vinyl, these 5.5" figures feature Glyos vinyl-compatible articulation at the head, shoulders and chest/waist. They sport purple eyes and black detail lining on the Gorgax head. Each figure comes with both the dome(Galaxxor) head and the horned(Gorgax/Cyber Space Barbarian) head. 

It's also worth noting that, for this batch, a bit of heat and squeezing to the top of the chest piece will be required to swap out the domed head, once it's removed. I can't wait to get these into everyone's hands! And this is just the beginning.

I look forward to bringing you cosmic robotic weirdness for years to come. Thank you to everyone for your support of my little project. It means more to me than you'll ever know.

Friday, March 11, 2016

C2E2 2016!

One of the highlights of the year for me is C2E2 (March 18th-20th in Chicago). I always get the opportunity, via my Nerd City project, to bring together some of my favorite artists and friends together into one booth. We'll be at #760 in The Block this year, and our booth is set to be packed with an awesome array of exclusives. I'm going to be bringing four offerings this year. Each one is a collaboration with a friend of mine from the independent toy scene.
Man-Uzi by Galaxxor x ManOrMonster? Studios
My buddy, Brandon of ManOrMonster? Studios, will be a guest at Nerd City's booth once again this year. and in addition to his own offerings, Brandon and I have collaborated on Man-Uzi, The Living Uzi! Man-Uzi is a 5.5" resin figure that consists of both sculpting and mashed up bits from various action figures. He features ManOrMonster?'s iconic magnetic articulation at the head, arms and waist and was hand painted by yours truly. And uzis. Two uzis!
Man-Uzi will be an edition of 3 and $80 each at Nerd City's booth #760 in the Block.

Fugg the Slayer "Flesh to Death" Edition by Galaxxor x BigManToys
Ever since we collaborated on the original Fugg the Slayer, my man Lee from BigManToys, and I have wanted to do a solid "flesh" colored version.The polyurethane rubber body that this crazy Orc sports was just asking for a classic M.U.S.C.L.E.treatment! The Fugg the Slayer "Flesh to Death" edition was cast in polyurethane rubber (body/belt) and resin (hands/head). He even sports neck articulation!
Fugg the Slayer "Flesh to Death" Edition will be an edition of 3 and $60 each at Nerd City's booth #760 in the Block.

Tricera-Tank Phaze Trooper by Galaxxor x Goodleg Toys
Collaborating with my friend Luke from Goodleg Toys on our Lazer-Saurs Tricera-Tank figure was certainly one of my favorite projects of the last year or so. For C2E2, I decided to put a crazy spin on the figure in the form of the Phaze Trooper. The Tricera-Tank Phaze Trooper is a 5.5" resin figure that was cast in clear resin by Goodleg Toys. He sports a light spray of color changing holographic glitter and articulation at the arms and tail. Because you HAVE to have tail articulation! 
Tricera-Tank Phaze Trooper will be an edition of 3 and $80 each at Nerd City's booth #760 in the Block.

Rudeboy by Galaxxor x 5.5 Customs
Over the years, I've seen my friend Dwaine, from 5.5 Customs develop from someone who collected my work to a creative powerhouse in his own right. A while ago, Dwaine sculpted and mashed up a new figure and asked me if I'd like to handle the painting duties on it. Unfortunately, I suffered a hand injury last year, and things got delayed. But, for C2E2 2016, Rudeboy, Anthropomorphic Rhinoceros Henchman is finally seeing the light of day! Rudeboy is a 5.5" resin figure sculpted and produced in resin by 5.5 Customs and sporting a paintjob by yours truly.
Rudeboy will be an edition of 5 and $60 each at Nerd City's booth #760 in the Block.

If you're going to be at C2E2, be sure to stop by the Nerd City booth to check out my stuff and all of the other cool work by the other guests. I'd love to chat Galaxxor with you!
I will also have on hand the Mold Masters for the production vinyl Galaxxors. They should start popping up very, very soon...




Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nordrax and Xardron, The Heralds of Oblivion Resin Figures for Clutter's Inaction Figures 4

As Lord Gorgax travels throughout The Galaxxorverse, crushing worlds and unleashing The Omega Power upon all in his path, he commands his fleet from an obsidian longship. When Gorgax sets his sights upon his next target planet, he sends in advance two of his most trusted henchmen, Nordrax and Xardron, The Heralds of Oblivion!
Twin brothers born of the twisted alien planet Kardanthria, Nordrax and Xardron compliment one another with their opposite natures. Nordrax is cold, cruel and calculating, while Xardron is a raging berserker of a warrior. Together, they are sent out ahead of Gorgax's fleet, to weaken a planet's defenses or even topple it from within, prior to Lord Gorgax unleashing his Cyborg Space Barbarians upon it!


The Clutter Gallery is hosting their 4th (In)Action Figures group show (Opening Feb 13th), and they were kind enough to ask me to contribute again. The theme of late 70's to early 90's action figures is very near and dear to my heart, so it's always a good time cooking up something unique for the show. This time around I came up with the idea of two 1/1 pieces that utilize a head from my buddy Mike's Realm of The Underworld figures. Nordrax and Xardron take a little bit of Tomax and Xamot and a little bit of He-Man and Faker, and smash them together into the Galaxxor design aesthetic. I thought it was a pretty good fit for the show and had a great time making them!

Nordrax and Xardron are 1/1 resin 5.5" art figures designed, sculpted and hand painted by Ben Spencer. The body was hand cast in resin by The Godbeast and the head is from Realm of the Underworld by Zoloworld. They will be available as individual pieces (but you probably should buy both) for $90 each from The Clutter Gallery. They are now available for purchase here. (In)Action Figures 4 opens on Feb 13th at 6pm at The Clutter Gallery, 163 Main Street in Beacon, NY. If you're in the area, definitely pop in and check out the show. They have another great lineup of artists who should have a bunch of cool stuff!