Monday, February 11, 2013

Treegarr: Psychedelic Nightmare Edition Drops 02.15.13 at Noon CST

Being a huge fan of the neo-vintage 5.5" Treegarr figure by BigMan Toys, I was incredibly excited to have the opportunity to have a go at a small run of my own! The Psychedelic Nightmare Edition Treegarrs feature swirled translucent pink, green and yellow GID resins by Lee at BigMan and a black paint rub and some hand painted details by yours truly. The finished result goes from a somewhat twistedly-colored organic looking figure in low light to a super bright psychedelic stained glass effect in brighter light!

Each of the 3 Psychedelic Nightmare Edition Treegarrs will be 1/1, due to their uniquely swirled base color. Treegarr features 3 points of articulation (shoulders and waist). Each figure comes packaged in a traditional bag and header format, featuring a far out header card design by Ben Spencer. Psychedelic Nightmare Edition Treegarr will be $90 each and will be available at noon CST on 02.15.13 from The Galaxxor Online Store.