Wednesday, August 16, 2017

TS-3262 Cyborg Space Barbarian Test Shots from Galaxxor x Zoloworld 
I've bee a huge fan/collector of Zoloword's neo-vintage 5.75" Realm of the Underworld figures for many years. I've always loved the way that Zoloworld has put a modern spin on figures that recall some of my favorites from the heyday of the 80's. So, when given the opportunity to work with mike, and have a production Cyborg Space barbarian head made that was compatible with Zoloworld's proprietary bucks, I jumped at the chance! Zoloworld's furute lineup of releases are extremely exciting, and I'm honored to have some Cyborg Space Barbarians sprinkled into that mix.
To celebrate the fruits of out labor and to get some Zoloworld x Galaxxor Cyborg Space Barbarians into the hands of fans and hardcore collectors, we have run a very limited number of TS-3262 Cyborg Space Barbarian production test shots. These feature all of the articulation and exchangability that you have come to know and love from Zoloworld's 5.75" figure lines. TS-3262 was produced with a translucent orange body and a turquoise Cyborg Space Barbarian head. Each figure will come with a sword accessory, either in translucent purple, or translucent green, clear, or smoke chase variants. Sword color accessories are randomly packed/distributed.
TS-3262 goes on sale at 8pm Central on 08.17.17 from The Galaxxor Online Store. Each figure will be $30. Mind you, this is an extremely limited run and these will only be available while supplies last.
Thanks for the opportunity, Mike! I'm extremely excited to see what the future holds for Galaxxor x Zoloworld collaborations!