Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Nordrax and Xardron, The Heralds of Oblivion Resin Figures for Clutter's Inaction Figures 4

As Lord Gorgax travels throughout The Galaxxorverse, crushing worlds and unleashing The Omega Power upon all in his path, he commands his fleet from an obsidian longship. When Gorgax sets his sights upon his next target planet, he sends in advance two of his most trusted henchmen, Nordrax and Xardron, The Heralds of Oblivion!
Twin brothers born of the twisted alien planet Kardanthria, Nordrax and Xardron compliment one another with their opposite natures. Nordrax is cold, cruel and calculating, while Xardron is a raging berserker of a warrior. Together, they are sent out ahead of Gorgax's fleet, to weaken a planet's defenses or even topple it from within, prior to Lord Gorgax unleashing his Cyborg Space Barbarians upon it!


The Clutter Gallery is hosting their 4th (In)Action Figures group show (Opening Feb 13th), and they were kind enough to ask me to contribute again. The theme of late 70's to early 90's action figures is very near and dear to my heart, so it's always a good time cooking up something unique for the show. This time around I came up with the idea of two 1/1 pieces that utilize a head from my buddy Mike's Realm of The Underworld figures. Nordrax and Xardron take a little bit of Tomax and Xamot and a little bit of He-Man and Faker, and smash them together into the Galaxxor design aesthetic. I thought it was a pretty good fit for the show and had a great time making them!

Nordrax and Xardron are 1/1 resin 5.5" art figures designed, sculpted and hand painted by Ben Spencer. The body was hand cast in resin by The Godbeast and the head is from Realm of the Underworld by Zoloworld. They will be available as individual pieces (but you probably should buy both) for $90 each from The Clutter Gallery. They are now available for purchase here. (In)Action Figures 4 opens on Feb 13th at 6pm at The Clutter Gallery, 163 Main Street in Beacon, NY. If you're in the area, definitely pop in and check out the show. They have another great lineup of artists who should have a bunch of cool stuff!