Thursday, September 9, 2010

Unpainted Cyan Galaxxors in Blacklight

Courtesy of The Godbeast, we have these awesome pics of three of the unpainted Galaxxor 001 figures (in translucent cyan resin) glowing under a blacklight. So yeah, to add to the awesomeness, the pieces in this first run will feature a uv reactive glow feature. For even more photos of these guys in all ov their glowing glory, check out the "Galaxxor" set over on Nerd City's Flickr.

In other news, I am very happy to announce that Steve Seeley has agreed to handle the header card art duties for Galaxxor. This is super cool, because Steve's not only a great guy, but also one of my favorite artists! Check out Steve's site here.
Finally, I've been getting a lot of questions regarding how and when Galaxxor 001 will be available for purchase. Please stay tuned to this blog, as I will give you plenty of forewarning here. This will also be the actual place to order the toy when it finally does go on sale. The initial edition of 5 should drop in October some time. But yeah, keep an eye on the blog for more details/developments!