Monday, October 14, 2019

The Destruction of Alpha Primarus

A glowing yellow electronic wave pulsed across Abrax the Void Stalker's cyclopic eye as he surveyed the crystalline landscape of Alpha Primarus. In every direction, a seemingly infinite network of geometrically arranged needle-like translucent blue towers reached upwards towards a swirling violet sky. Palm upwards, Abrax reached out with his massive, gauntleted right hard. As his fingers began to curl inwards, the towers before him began to shudder and squeal. Suddelny, Abrax slammed his hand into a fist, and the towers exploded into iridescent powder.

Behind him, his cabal of wizard thralls, The Volodian Choir began screeching a discordant harmony. A green glow surrounded Abrax as he began to levitate above the planet's crystalline surface. With a swipe of his left hand, a swath of cosmic destruction leveled the entirety of the ancient edifices before him.
Turning in midair to face The Volodian Choir, Abrax spoke-

"Transmit to the dog, Gorgax, and tell him that he shall soon have his prize. Tonight, my children, we kill The Gods!"

Thirteen disc shaped scrying mirrors orbited the throne of the Space God Chronodar in arcane formation as he searched the myriad destinies. Each one darkness. Each destiny, an infinite void. His mirror chrome visage showed no reaction as he processed the fates. In a sense, it amused him. Something he had not experienced in ages. The end of a cycle.
Suddenly, a silent supernova filled the room with a blinding white light. Each scrying disc shattered and dropped to the floor. When the flash cleared, a Zyldrani Seer knelt on the floor before Chronodar.
Chronodar spoke- "Skypanzer X. You seek to alter the flow of the rivers of fate?"
Skypanzer X rose to his feet,  flashed a grin, and winked at Chronodar.

"You stay here, big guy. I've got this one."

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