Friday, March 9, 2012

Cyborg Space Barbarian Wardraak

Wardraak is the second of General Gorgax's Cyborg Space Barbarians to be unleashed upon the universe, and he's also going to be making his debut at Nerd City's booth at this year's C2E2! This Cyborg Space Barbarian figure consists of a helmet that was originally designed and sculpted by Ben Spencer and produced in resin by Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen. These Cyborg Space Barbarian figures also feature bodies from disused vintage Masters of the Universes that were rescued from second hand stores, flea markets and the like, and brought back to brilliant life with hand painting and tlc from Ben Spencer. Wardraak will be available in an edition of 5 with 2 special horned "chase variant" figures(pictured). They will be available for $40 from the Nerd City booth #842.

Keep an eye on the Galaxxor blog for more Cyborg Space Barbarian reveals in the upcoming weeks!
Special thanks to the lovely and talented Jim Kyle for his photographic contributions!


  1. Again, nice work! Those space barbarians know how to rock!!

  2. So sick bro! So sick!

    C2E2 is gonna b a blast!!!