Friday, November 13, 2015

Starjack Designercon 2015 Exclusive from Galaxxor x Dollar Slice Bootlegs

My friend John, over at Dollar Slice Bootlegs has been making some amazing stuff over the past couple ov years. He's a truly talented artist with a mind for the absurd and an eye for design. At one point, a while back, we came up with the idea of doing a collab. At the time, he had just dropped Mr. Ca$h Grab, a resin mashup figure sporting a Macross Valkyrie/Jetfire head. Of course, me being me, I was like, "Hey, let's put that thing on a vintage MOTU barbarian buck!"
Around the same time, I was discussing with my man Brandon over at ManOrMonster? Studios, his method for a very reflective silver (nearly chrome!) finish that he was getting. Ideas started rumbling around in my brain. ROM the Spaceknight snuck in there. And then, one night, I had a dream about a character named "Starjack". It all just sort of fell together.
Once the greatest robot hero of a far off dimension from an alternative timeline, The Mighty Starjack fell from grace and descended into madness. He found himself stranded on a primitive planet, occupied almost entirely by giant reptilian beasts and man eating plants. Over the centuries, Starjack changed, evolved. He took on a far more barbaric form, and over time rose to dominance over the beasts of his strange new home.
In the dimension shattering swirl of the Cosmic Supernova, Starjack found himself plucked from his own timeline and thrown directly into the heart of the Galaxxorverse.
Mentally revived, and more physically powerful than ever, the Mighty Starjack stood beside Galaxxor 015 in the battle against Gorgax and his evil forces.
Starjack is a 5.5" custom art figure that features 2 points of articulation (arms). The head was cast in resin by Dollar Slice Bootlegs and the body is a restored vintage MOTU barbarian buck. Painting duties were handled by Ben Spencer.
Starjack comes in a bag and header packaging, is limited to an edition of 5, and will be $75, each. The figure will be exclusively available at Nerd City's booth #1003 at Designer Con, November 21st and 22nd.
That may just be it for the Designer Con announcements.
Or is it?

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Galaxxor 015 Designercon 2015 Exclusive from Galaxxor x The Godbeast x Onell Design

Believe it or not, the Galaxxor project just turned 5 years old. It has been a process of learning, developing, missteps, learning from missteps, honing skills, and figuring out what I actually wanted to do. Along the way, the help and support of  Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen and Matt Doughty has been absolutely crucial to Galaxxor's growth. And those guys have continued to support and guide me, as I work toward the next phase of The Galaxxorverse.
So, I felt it was only appropriate that the last (for the foreseeable future, at least) resin 5.5" Galaxxor figure should highlight their amazing contributions. The head sculpt of Galaxxor 015 is all Matt Doughty. We've seen it a couple of times before, years ago at NYCC and a couple of years ago with Infection Galaxxor. The figure is cast in an absolutely gorgeous swirly metallic teal by Mr. Godbeast, himself.

Chronodar's manipulation of the Alpha timelines resulted in a Cosmic Supernova. Swirling, crackling green energies formed into a cosmic vortex right outside of the Anubis-5 system. Realities began converging and colliding. Infinite variations of instances occurred simultaneously. The Alpha was imploding.
Imbued with the power of Ollen, the wise Space Dragon, Galaxxor 015 flew directly into the heart of The Cosmic Supernova.
Summoning all of the power of  The Alpha, he forced the rift shut, folding realities in upon one another. Sonic booms and built to a fever pitch. People and things ceased to exist. Other entities appeared out of nowhere.
And then there was silence.
Order had returned to The Galaxxorverse.
But everything had changed...

Galaxxor 015 is a 5.5" resin art figure that features 3 points of articulation (arms and head). The figure was hand cast in resin by The Godbeast. The original head sculpt is courtesy of Matt Doughty. The original body sculpt and painting duties were handled by Ben Spencer.
Galaxxor 015 comes in a bag and header packaging, is limited to an edition of 5, and will be $90, each. The figure will be exclusively available at Nerd City's booth #1003 at Designer Con, November 21st and 22nd.
Stay tuned for more exclusives, and some truly reality-shattering announcements coming up in the next couple of  weeks. See you at Designer Con!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Space God Chronodar Designercon 2015 Exclusive from Galaxxor x The Godbeast x ManOrMonster? Studios

First of all, apologies for the long time of blog silence. A lot has been going on behind the scenes, and the world of Galaxxor is about to get much, much bigger in the very near future!
Which brings me to Designer Con! Nerd City will be out in force on November 21st and 22nd at the Pasadena Convention Center in Pasadena, CA. I'll be there with an abundance of Galaxxor goodies, along with Battle Babies, ManOrMonster? Studios and possibly Frenzy Bros. in Nerd City's booth #1003. 
Designer Con will, for Galaxxor, be both the end of an era and the beginning of a new era. The resin Galaxxor pieces from myself and The Godbeast will probably be the last you will see for quite some time. So, I really wanted to pull out all of the stops with my con offerings. And first up is SPACE GOD CHRONOTAR!
Featuring a traditional Galaxxor buck, beautifully cast in translucent orange resin by the mighty Godbeast, and a head cast in resin by the incomparable ManOrMonster? Studios, Chronodar is a continuation of the pantheon of the Seven Space Gods of the Galaxxorverse. He's also a "tip of the hat" to the iconic Micronauts Time Travelers figures.

The Seven Space Gods, the overseers of The Galaxxorverse, use their cosmic powers to maintain order in the reality that is most commonly known as "The Alpha". It is they who direct the Galaxxors to travel from world to world, protecting humanity from the monstrous clutches of chaos and evil. Among the Seven, Chronodar is uniquely powered, via his Infinity Mirror, with the ability to briefly travel forward and backward within the timestream of The Alpha. He manipulates it so that humanity and order may persevere. 
Endings become beginnings.
Beginnings become endings. 
The Alpha is a complex web of reality, and its temporal nature is only truly known by Space God Chronodar.

Space God Chronodar is a 5.5" resin art figure that features 3 points of articulation (arms and head). The body was hand cast in resin by The Godbeast and the head was hand cast in resin by ManOrMonster? Studios. The original sculpt and painting duties were handled by Ben Spencer.
Chronodar comes in a bag and header packaging, is limited to an edition of 5, and will be $90, each. The figure will be exclusively available at Nerd City's booth #1003 at Designer Con, November 21st and 22nd.
Stay tuned for more exclusives, and some truly reality-shattering announcements coming up in the next few weeks. See you at Designer Con!

Friday, July 24, 2015

Fugg the Slayer from Galaxxor x BigManToys Drops 07.31.15 at Noon CDT

Once a ruthlessly savage warlord from the planet Orkamania, Fugg the Slayer is now one of the most feared combatants in the fighting arenas of the hive planet X-544. Tasked by a wealthy hive aristocrat with hunting down a suitable opponent for The Lucha Sharks, Ciper the Bounty Hunter captured Fugg from his home planet and brought him to X-544. Every bit as flamboyant as he is violent, Fugg now stands at the top of the ranks of the hive world arena fighters, terrorizing even The Lucha Sharks!

Fugg the Slayer is a 5.5"-style art figure that features a head and hands that were sculpted/mashed up by Ben Spencer, and a body buck and removable championship belt that was sculpted/mashed up by the mighty BigManToys. The head and hands are cast in resin, but the body and belt are cast in a softer polyurethane rubber. Both resin and rubber production were handled by Bigmantoys. Fugg is also hand painted by Ben Spencer, and he features soft goods arm bands and neck articulation.

Fugg the Slayer comes in bag and header packaging.  He will be limited to an edition of 5 at $70 each, exclusively through The Galaxxor Online Store on 07.31.15 at noon CDT.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Fugg the Slayer, Coming Soon From Galaxxor x BigManToys!

A collaboration between BigManToys and yours truly has become an annual event of sorts. Lee from BigMan is an extremely talented artist who I'm honored to call a peer and a friend. 
Recently, Lee created a new one piece 5.5" buck. Ideal for customization, the buck, at it's core, is ideal for a wrestler-type character, but also suitable for a virtually endless amount of customization potential. Running with the concept of BigManToys' new base body, and intrigued by the fact that it could be produced in a polyurethane  rubber (similar to the old LJN WWF figures), I decided that I wanted to have a go at a wrestler-type dude. I've got a love of Orcs, dating back to my earliest days of playing D&D and extensively informed by all of the great Games Workshop media of the early 90's. So, it was a no brainer to try to sculpt/mash up the head of that great classic Orc action figure that I always wanted, but never got.
I wanted to approach the design of the hands in a way that continued to develop the idea of the character I was beginning to see in my head- brutal, yet comedically flamboyant. I had come up with the name of "Fugg the Slayer" for this guy, so the idea popped into my head to create hands sporting brass knuckles/four finger rings that sayd "FUGG" and "LIFE". I also mashed together bits for a championship belt, featuring a skull from a vintage Nightmare Warrior.
So, these are some snaps, courtesy of Lee, of the first pull of good old Fugg. The head and hands are cast in hard resin, but the body and belt will be in pu rubber. I intend to add some paint aps on the head and hands, as well as a couple of other little flourishes. The body material, however, doesn't accept paint, so that's going to stay solid green. BigManToys is currently finishing these up, and then they have to make the trip over to this side of the ocean for painting. But, I would imagine that I should have details about how you can get down with that Fugg Life in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Galaxxor Monster Hunter Robo Shirt, Featuring the Art of Chris Faccone

I've been meaning to get some sort of a new Galaxxor shirt together for quite a while, now. So, when the opportunity came about to get some work done by my friend, Chris Faccone, I jumped at the chance! I really love Chris's work and knew that he'd be the right dude to bring that cosmic madness to a Galaxxor illustration.
In order to make the shirts available to the greatest number of people, in a variety of styles and sizes, I figured that Redbubble was my best option for a vendor on these things. Please keep in mind that Redbubble also offers a variety of different color options, but this design was created with a black background in mind. So, I would highly advise that you either go with a solid black tee or the black 3/4 baseball shirt with the white sleeves (my personal favorite!).
Go get your very own Galaxxor Monster Hunter Robo shirt right here!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Hippo Titan Soldier Deep Warp Gunner C2E2 2015 Exclusive from Galaxxor x ManOrMonster Studios

The Hippo Titan Soldiers of Kabbagiff are, primarily, a terrestrial military force. Using their imposing bulk and extraordinary skill with the blunderbuss, the Kabagiffian soldiers have helped push back the forces of gorgax and his Evil Mutant legions on many planets, throughout the Galaxxorverse. 
The Deep Warp gunners are the elite of the elite Hippo Titan Soldiers. Hand picked by Sgt. Krugg and equipped with special Deep Warp Conversion Armor, Hippo titan Soldier Deep Warp Gunners are ideal for outer space and inter-dimensional combat situations.
When General Gorgax unlocked the cosmic powers of the Omega Matrix, Infiniton of the Seven Space Gods tasked Galaxxor 014 to take an elite team of Hippo Titan Soldier Deep Warp Gunners to the digital city C2-E215 to battle Gorgax and his Cyborg Space Barbarian minions. The fate of the Galaxxorverse hangs in the balance of this epic conflict!
Brandon Barker of ManOrMonster? Studios and I made the first Hippo Titan Soldier almost two years ago, and we've been meaning to get back to another edition of them, but done in a slightly more far out colorway. When we came to the decision to do one in a deep, glossy purple with neon green and black accents for C2E2, Brandon also suggested we revisit the original shoulder design of the figure. After a bit of back and forth design chat, Brandon came back with what you see here. He really did an incredible job of building upon the pre-existing aesthetic and taking the design to the next proverbial level. I'm incredibly pleased with how these came out and can't wait to do a few more editions of these bad boys in the future.
Spelljammer for life!
Hippo Titan Soldier Deep Warp Gunner is a 5.5" art toy that was designed and sculpted by Ben Spencer and ManOrMonster? Studios and engineered and produced in resin by ManOrMonster?. It was hand painted by Ben Spencer. The Hippo Titan Soldier features 3 points of magnetic articulation at the arms and waist. It also features a magnetic blunderbuss accessory, which can be held in his hand, or mounted on his thigh or back.
Limited to an edition of 5, The Hippo Titan Soldier Deep Warp Gunner will be $75 each and will exclusively be available at Nerd City's booth #760 at C2E2.