Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ankhram the Eternal Unleashes his Onslaught upon the Galaxxorverse 07.19.18

The central command dome of Alpha Primaris crackled with cosmic energy as The Seven Space Gods levitated in arcane formation around a rotating crystalline scrying sphere. Their concentration was briefly broken by the entrance of the Zyldrani Seer, Titansaber, into the chamber. 
The scrying sphere revealed a vision of the tomb planet Hekkat. The ancient Space Wizard Ankram stood surrounded by a battalion of Kabagiffian Hippo Titan Soldiers and facing Galaxxor 002.
"Ankhram!" gasped Titansaber, "But I thought be was..."
Lightning burst forth from Ankhram's fingertips, and one by one, the Hippo Titan Soldiers dropped to the ground, their bodies turned to smoking ash and embers.

Reality and unreality swirled together into a multicolored cosmic spiral as Astrokaizer and Galaxxor 001 propelled their physical forms between the dimensions. A vision had brought them to this point. During one of his Zyldrani Xteclan rituals, Astrokaizer became enlightened to an ancient Space wizard casting incantations to steal the immortality powers of the Zyldrani Demigod, Pharoid Prime.
Astrokaizer turned to Galaxxor 001, "We must locate Pharoid Prime's place of slumber within the infinite webway of dimensional realities, before all hope is lost..."

Ankhram the Eternal/Pharoid Prime will be available for purchase on 07.19.18 at 8pm Central from As with the other Glyos-compatible Galaxxor vinyl figures, Ankhram\Pharoid Prime will come with both the Space Wizard (double sided) and the Zyldrani Seer head, for a total of three  display/character options. They will be $30 each.
The action in The Galaxxorverse in about to kick back into full gear. You might want to strap on your space seat belt!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Zartep the Despoiler and his Scarabite Automaton Legion

Metallic clangs echoed out as Zartep's boots walked across the obsidian glass-like surface of the planet Duat. How long had he been here?
Had it been centuries?
He truthfully didn't know. He hadn't been aware of the passage of time for as long as he could recall. He was only aware of the swirling, multicolored, bio-mechanical ebb and flow of the dimension he had found himself in. It had changed him. It flowed through him. And it flowed into his legion of Scarabite Automaton Cyborg Space Barbarians.
One hundred rows of one hundred Scarabite warriors stood before him, silent and lifeless, except for the glow of their eyes. Zartep looked up into the undulating chaos of the sky above to a single black slit. He returned his gaze to his legion.
"Today, my children, conquest begins!"

Enter the Space Wizard!
This new, double sided production head is a continuation of "Phase 2" of the Galaxxorverse. Words cannot express how pleased I am with how it came out! My buddy, Jarrod, of Wednesday Toys once again absolutely killed it with the digital sculpting on my new head design and I'm once again honored to add his work to the official production Galaxxor mix.
Zartep the Despoiler will be available for purchase on 01.11.18 at 8pm Central from As with the other Glyos-compatible Galaxxor vinyl figures, Zartep/Scarabite Automaton will come with both the Space Wizard and the Cyborg Space Barbarian head, for a total of three  display/character options. They will be $30 each.
As the Galaxxorverse begins to expand further and further into the weirdness, I want to thank each and every one of you for being along for the ride. We've only just begun!

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

TS-3262 Cyborg Space Barbarian Test Shots from Galaxxor x Zoloworld 
I've bee a huge fan/collector of Zoloword's neo-vintage 5.75" Realm of the Underworld figures for many years. I've always loved the way that Zoloworld has put a modern spin on figures that recall some of my favorites from the heyday of the 80's. So, when given the opportunity to work with mike, and have a production Cyborg Space barbarian head made that was compatible with Zoloworld's proprietary bucks, I jumped at the chance! Zoloworld's furute lineup of releases are extremely exciting, and I'm honored to have some Cyborg Space Barbarians sprinkled into that mix.
To celebrate the fruits of out labor and to get some Zoloworld x Galaxxor Cyborg Space Barbarians into the hands of fans and hardcore collectors, we have run a very limited number of TS-3262 Cyborg Space Barbarian production test shots. These feature all of the articulation and exchangability that you have come to know and love from Zoloworld's 5.75" figure lines. TS-3262 was produced with a translucent orange body and a turquoise Cyborg Space Barbarian head. Each figure will come with a sword accessory, either in translucent purple, or translucent green, clear, or smoke chase variants. Sword color accessories are randomly packed/distributed.
TS-3262 goes on sale at 8pm Central on 08.17.17 from The Galaxxor Online Store. Each figure will be $30. Mind you, this is an extremely limited run and these will only be available while supplies last.
Thanks for the opportunity, Mike! I'm extremely excited to see what the future holds for Galaxxor x Zoloworld collaborations!