Monday, October 14, 2019

The Destruction of Alpha Primarus

A glowing yellow electronic wave pulsed across Abrax the Void Stalker's cyclopic eye as he surveyed the crystalline landscape of Alpha Primarus. In every direction, a seemingly infinite network of geometrically arranged needle-like translucent blue towers reached upwards towards a swirling violet sky. Palm upwards, Abrax reached out with his massive, gauntleted right hard. As his fingers began to curl inwards, the towers before him began to shudder and squeal. Suddelny, Abrax slammed his hand into a fist, and the towers exploded into iridescent powder.

Behind him, his cabal of wizard thralls, The Volodian Choir began screeching a discordant harmony. A green glow surrounded Abrax as he began to levitate above the planet's crystalline surface. With a swipe of his left hand, a swath of cosmic destruction leveled the entirety of the ancient edifices before him.
Turning in midair to face The Volodian Choir, Abrax spoke-

"Transmit to the dog, Gorgax, and tell him that he shall soon have his prize. Tonight, my children, we kill The Gods!"

Thirteen disc shaped scrying mirrors orbited the throne of the Space God Chronodar in arcane formation as he searched the myriad destinies. Each one darkness. Each destiny, an infinite void. His mirror chrome visage showed no reaction as he processed the fates. In a sense, it amused him. Something he had not experienced in ages. The end of a cycle.
Suddenly, a silent supernova filled the room with a blinding white light. Each scrying disc shattered and dropped to the floor. When the flash cleared, a Zyldrani Seer knelt on the floor before Chronodar.
Chronodar spoke- "Skypanzer X. You seek to alter the flow of the rivers of fate?"
Skypanzer X rose to his feet,  flashed a grin, and winked at Chronodar.

"You stay here, big guy. I've got this one."

Abrax The Void Stalker/Skypanzer Xwill be available for purchase on 10.15.19 at 8pm Central from As with the other Glyos-compatible Galaxxor vinyl figures, Abrax The Void Stalker/Skypanzer X will come with both the Space Wizard (double sided) and the Zyldrani Seer head, for a total of three  display/character options. They will be $35 each.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

The Battle for X-312 11.08.18

Following the destruction of the space fortress Cerberus, dimensional rifts began to appear throughout the known universe. The area sin space  near these rifts became subject to anomalies of all types, from temporal shifts to cosmic reversals, to the appearance of entities from opposing dimensional existences. One such place was the crumbling hive planet on  The Western Systemic Belt, X-312. A crackling dimensional gate burst into being on the twisted technological world, and from it appeared the heroic Space Wizard, Raeyor-Ca, and with him, his mighty Knights of Ca.

But following them through the portal was the evil Dark Zyldrani Seer, Mach Jetter! Quickly utilizing his demigod-like powers to corrupt the ancient mechanical landscape of X-312 into a biomechanial monstrosity under his control, Mach Jetter launched a campaign of terror and destruction against Raeyor-Ca and his Knights of Ca!

Tributes/homages are always a fun undertaking for me. The primary reason for why I've gotten to this place is my love of those old iconic characters of the past. It's a lineage of creative dna that informs so much of what I do and inspires me to continue creating. Often, those inspirations are buried deep in the designs that I release, or mixed up with so many other inspirations that the end result isn't necessarily recognizable as a direct descendant of any particular thing. Other times, it's fun to say "screw it" and do a proper tip of the hat to a character or two that are near and dear to my heart. This drop is one of those times.
Utilizing the Galaxxor form to create different color ways and characters never ceases to entertain me. But I shouldn't get to have all of the fun...

Canonically, there are 999 Galaxxors. I'm not sure how many I've actually created. 20? 25? The original intention was always to involve you. The concept was to allow Galaxxor's form and universe be a platform in which you could create characters of your own. And with tonight's drop. That vision starts to become a reality!

Along with tonight's drop, I will have a full production wave of blank DIY white vinyl Galaxxors (dome head only) for $20 each. I cannot wait to see what all of you create! 

Raeyor-Ca\Mach Jetter will be available for purchase on 11.08.18 at 8pm Central from As with the other Glyos-compatible Galaxxor vinyl figures, Raeyor-Ca\Mach Jetter will come with both the Space Wizard (double sided) and the Zyldrani Seer head, for a total of three  display/character options. They will be $30 each.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Ankhram the Eternal Unleashes his Onslaught upon the Galaxxorverse 07.19.18

The central command dome of Alpha Primaris crackled with cosmic energy as The Seven Space Gods levitated in arcane formation around a rotating crystalline scrying sphere. Their concentration was briefly broken by the entrance of the Zyldrani Seer, Titansaber, into the chamber. 
The scrying sphere revealed a vision of the tomb planet Hekkat. The ancient Space Wizard Ankram stood surrounded by a battalion of Kabagiffian Hippo Titan Soldiers and facing Galaxxor 002.
"Ankhram!" gasped Titansaber, "But I thought be was..."
Lightning burst forth from Ankhram's fingertips, and one by one, the Hippo Titan Soldiers dropped to the ground, their bodies turned to smoking ash and embers.

Reality and unreality swirled together into a multicolored cosmic spiral as Astrokaizer and Galaxxor 001 propelled their physical forms between the dimensions. A vision had brought them to this point. During one of his Zyldrani Xteclan rituals, Astrokaizer became enlightened to an ancient Space wizard casting incantations to steal the immortality powers of the Zyldrani Demigod, Pharoid Prime.
Astrokaizer turned to Galaxxor 001, "We must locate Pharoid Prime's place of slumber within the infinite webway of dimensional realities, before all hope is lost..."

Ankhram the Eternal/Pharoid Prime will be available for purchase on 07.19.18 at 8pm Central from As with the other Glyos-compatible Galaxxor vinyl figures, Ankhram\Pharoid Prime will come with both the Space Wizard (double sided) and the Zyldrani Seer head, for a total of three  display/character options. They will be $30 each.
The action in The Galaxxorverse in about to kick back into full gear. You might want to strap on your space seat belt!