Tuesday, March 22, 2011

C2E2 Videos from The Pop Culture Network

This past weekend at C2E2 was a great time! The Nerd City booth was the place to be, where we hung out with our extended crew, including The Godbeast and his family. We also spent a lot of time hanging out with the gang from The Pop Culture Network, who were kind enough to do not one, but two video segments on Galaxxor. The first of which is the one above, that hopefully gives you a little bit better sense of the various surfaces and optical effects that I have employed on the various figures up to this point. The second video is Pixel Dan's interview with yours truly. Be warned- I am EXTREMELY hungover in this video. So, if you have a thing for baggy undereyes, this may drive you insane with passion.

All of the Galaxxor 004 figures literally sold out in a matter of minutes. I still do, however, have a couple of 002 and 003's left. They are now back up and available in the online store.
Again, thanks to everyone who made C2E2 such an awesome event, and thanks to the PCN crew for the great coverage!
Just wait and see what we have planned for next year!
EDIT- Here's one more vid with The Godbeast and sons!

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