Wednesday, March 9, 2011

004 Heads and Header

These are images of the front and back of the original sculpt, courtesy of Onell Design's Matt Doughty, for the head of Galaxxor 004. What's really amazing about this piece is that it can essentially function in either direction, as either a visored head or a mutated cyclops brain head. Pure evil genius. It's looking like the head for the 004 edition will come packed with the visor facing forward. However, if there is enough demand (and there certainly seems to be!), the 005 might feature this head as well, or maybe even the other head that Matt sculpted for this project! You can get all of the details of the sculpting process from this entry at the Glyos Transmission Web Log.
You'll just have to wait to see exactly what color The Godbeast will be casting these little monstrosities in, but this outstanding header card art by Dork Dimension's Nate Newell should give you a pretty good indication:

The Galaxxor 004 figure is going to be limited to an edition of 5, will cost $90 and will exclusively be available at Nerd City's booth 1026 at C2E2.

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