Friday, April 17, 2015

Hippo Titan Soldier Deep Warp Gunner C2E2 2015 Exclusive from Galaxxor x ManOrMonster Studios

The Hippo Titan Soldiers of Kabbagiff are, primarily, a terrestrial military force. Using their imposing bulk and extraordinary skill with the blunderbuss, the Kabagiffian soldiers have helped push back the forces of gorgax and his Evil Mutant legions on many planets, throughout the Galaxxorverse. 
The Deep Warp gunners are the elite of the elite Hippo Titan Soldiers. Hand picked by Sgt. Krugg and equipped with special Deep Warp Conversion Armor, Hippo titan Soldier Deep Warp Gunners are ideal for outer space and inter-dimensional combat situations.
When General Gorgax unlocked the cosmic powers of the Omega Matrix, Infiniton of the Seven Space Gods tasked Galaxxor 014 to take an elite team of Hippo Titan Soldier Deep Warp Gunners to the digital city C2-E215 to battle Gorgax and his Cyborg Space Barbarian minions. The fate of the Galaxxorverse hangs in the balance of this epic conflict!
Brandon Barker of ManOrMonster? Studios and I made the first Hippo Titan Soldier almost two years ago, and we've been meaning to get back to another edition of them, but done in a slightly more far out colorway. When we came to the decision to do one in a deep, glossy purple with neon green and black accents for C2E2, Brandon also suggested we revisit the original shoulder design of the figure. After a bit of back and forth design chat, Brandon came back with what you see here. He really did an incredible job of building upon the pre-existing aesthetic and taking the design to the next proverbial level. I'm incredibly pleased with how these came out and can't wait to do a few more editions of these bad boys in the future.
Spelljammer for life!
Hippo Titan Soldier Deep Warp Gunner is a 5.5" art toy that was designed and sculpted by Ben Spencer and ManOrMonster? Studios and engineered and produced in resin by ManOrMonster?. It was hand painted by Ben Spencer. The Hippo Titan Soldier features 3 points of magnetic articulation at the arms and waist. It also features a magnetic blunderbuss accessory, which can be held in his hand, or mounted on his thigh or back.
Limited to an edition of 5, The Hippo Titan Soldier Deep Warp Gunner will be $75 each and will exclusively be available at Nerd City's booth #760 at C2E2.

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