Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Galaxxor 013 C2E2 Exclusive from Galaxxor x The Godbeast

After I saw just how stunningly awesome the newly reworked Galaxxor turned out (thanks to my good friends, The Godbeast and True Cast Studio), I really wanted to revisit one of the looks that Marty and I had played around with on Galaxxor 005 and Galaxxor 006, with the bb's suspended in crystal clear resin. And, I wanted to include one such figure as an additional exclusive for this year's C2E2 (April 25-27th in Chicago). Thus, following in the neon green footsteps of Cosmic Green Megakeshi Galaxxor comes Galaxxor 013!
Galaxxor 013 is a 5.5" art toy that features 2 points of magnetic articulation (shoulders). The body was sculpted/designed by Ben Spencer and was extensively refined by Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen and Josh Edwards of True Cast Studio. The figure was cast in neon green bb-filled crystal clear resin by the Godbeast. Galaxxor 013 will be $95 each and limited to an edition of 5. The figure will be exclusively available at Nerd City's booth #750 in The Block at C2E2, April 25-27th.
 For an extensive look at many more of the exclusives that will be available at Nerd City's booth, be sure to check out the official Nerd City C2E2 2014 Exclusives mini blog.
Stay tuned for 1 or 2 more C2E2 Exclusive announcements in the upcoming week, including some things that you never even expected...
Hope to see you at C2E2!

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