Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mini Galaxxors and Megakeshi Galaxxor Prototypes Drop 11.19.13 
Although things have been relatively quiet, as of late, in the Galaxxorverse, a good bit of stuff has been going on behind the scenes. Thanks mostly in part to my friends The Godbeast and the rest of the gang at True Cast Studio (which I recently had the chance to visit!), the next evolution of Galaxxor is in the works! The original sculpt has been greatly refined (courtesy of the mighty Josh Edwards), and there have been leaps and bounds made, in terms of producing the figures in a keshi-style rubber. As a result, I have a few 1/1 prototype Megakeshi 5.5" Galaxxors (each with 3 interchangeable heads, including one by the mighty Matt Doughty!), as well as a large selection of 2" Mini Galaxxors (sculpted and cast by none other than The Godbeast, himself!). Some of these pieces are suuuuper rare, and you'll have your chance to score them for your very own on 11.19.13 at noon CST. 
Each of these Megaksehi Galaxxor prototypes is one of a kind, cast in keshi-style rubber, features 3 points of articulation (head and arms) and includes 3 interchangeable heads. They will be $90 a piece. 
Each Mini Galaxxor will be $17 a piece. Swirled colorways will obviously vary in appearance, due to the randomness of the swirled resin. Apologies for the sort of shitty pics of the little dudes, it was my first go at really trying to photograph mini figures.
Be sure to hit up The Galaxxor Online Store at noon on 11.19.13 to score all of this Galaxxorverse goodness!

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