Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Grape-Apes: Techno-Barbarian Simian Shamans from Galaxxor x Goodleg Toys x Monster Kolor

I was honored to have been asked by my friend Jessie from Doomkick to participate in his It Came from the Pressure Pot group art show at Monster Kolor Studios. Thematically, the show was fairly open, but the pieces for the show had to feature some paint by the mighty Monster Kolor. Due to the fact that Monster Kolor's metallic purple "Grapeape" color is a personal favorite of mine, I decided to create some pieces entirely themed around it. I decided that I would utilize some disused vintage MOTU bucks, much in the way that I had previously done with my Cyborg Space Barbarians, and reach out to my buddy Luke from Goodleg Toys to cast up some sweet resin ape heads from the vintage knockoff line, Apes Attack. I painted up an edition of 5 for the show, and Luke came up with an awesome bio for the Grape-Apes that puts them square in the middle of his Holo Apes Universe:
"Grape-Apes are guardians of the so called "Prima Materia", the primal essence the whole Universe is made of. This essence is lying hidden deep inside the Forbidden Zone, which no other life form except for the true keepers of the last secrets of the Universe is allowed to enter. Grape-Apes are descendants of the glorious Holo Apes, an advanced warriors caste, protecting the Forbidden Zone against all alien threats. Only the bravest of these Apes might later turn into a Grape Ape, a Techno-Barbarian Simian Shaman, by eventually ingesting a Prima Materia impregnated housel after victorious battle. It is also the Grape-Apes who bring these sacret housels to the battlefields, to distribute them among the warriors. And to potentially turn the purest of them into one of their kind."
Grape-Apes will be available exclusively at It Came from the Pressure Pot, Saturday, November 9th, from 7-10pm at Monster Kolor Studios in Middlesboro, MA. They feature resin ape heads courtesy of Goodleg Toys, articulation at the shoulders and hand painting by Ben Spencer. These will be an edition of 5 and will be $65 each.
It looks like there were a few left over from the show. They are now available for purchase from the Monster Kolor online store.

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