Tuesday, October 11, 2011

An Image from the Future?

Last night, somewhere in a fortress in the far reaches of space known as Onell HQ, Marty "The Godbeast" Hansen and Onell Design's Matt Doughty were hard at work sketching out their plans for intergalactic domination and NYCC. During this session, Matt sketched up his ideas for slight modifications to the original Galaxxor design, should it ever move towards a vinyl production figure.
The idea is essentially to maintain the classic 5.5" figure style and dimensions, but to add a little bit of extra visual interest here and there, while also incorporating a bit more in the way of articulation and compatibility with similarly-sized Glyos vinyls like the Armodoc and Rig.
I think the design looks great, and I'm honored that Matt has taken an interest in my humble little creation. What say you?
If you're headed to NYCC this weekend, be sure to pop by the Onell booth (#578 in The Cultyard) to check out all of the awesome stuff that Matt and Marty will have on hand. Marty should have a very limited number of blank DIY Galaxxors, so be sure to get your hands on one of those, too!


  1. About time! Do it up. I like Galaxxor, but the fragility of the one I have makes it tough to handle.

  2. Thanks John!
    I know what you mean. although I do enjoy making the more artsy resin pieces, I'd certainly love to bring this concept into a realm with a bit more playability.
    I'll be sure to post updates as more developments develop.