Friday, January 30, 2015

Lazer Saurs Tricera-Tank from Galaxxor x Goodleg Toys Drops 02.06.15 at Noon CDT

The term "evil genius" gets thrown around an awful lot, these days. It most certainly applies, however, to my good friends in Germany, those maniacs from Goodleg Toys. Luke and Pablo's resin creations run the gamut from pop art pieces to proper action figures, from absurdly hilarious to grotesquely badass.More often than not, their highly sought after chunks of resin are a bit of all of the above. Following our Grape-Apes collab, Luke and I were really excited about following it up with something even more involved. I've been a long time fan of Goodleg's War On Prehis property, a line full of zombie cyborgs and bionic dinosaurs, all done in the classic 5.5" scale. So, the idea came about to maybe try my hand at adding a figure to that extended universe. Goodleg and Kaiju Lab's Lazer Saurs were a subline of Prehis that I always particularly dug, and, after much contemplation, the concept of a gigantic, hulking, clockwork Triceratops tank man seemed like the the only right thing to do.
Working in another universe, with an aesthetic that is decidedly different from the Galaxxorverse was really creatively inspirational, because it forced me to think about some of the iconic design elements that I play with, and then turn them on their ear. Prehis has a far more gritty and detailed visual than I typically work with, and that pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone. I allowed myself to mash together bits of various iconic figures, along with a bit of sculpting, and come up with a Frankenstein of a beast, which, chile working on it, I often referred to as "An Excercise in Absurdity". I'm extremely pleased with the resulting figure, one which I feel straddles the line between my aesthetic and Goodleg's aesthetic.
Tricera-Tank is a hulking 5.5" resin figure. He features three points of articulation, at the shoulders and tail. That's right, the tail! Tricera-Tank was mashed up and re-sculpted by Ben Spencer, produced in resin by Goodleg Toys, and hand painted by Ben Spencer. This version of the Lazer Saurs Tricera-Tank is limited to an edition of 5. It will never be produced in this colorway ever again. It will come in with two War on Prehis mini comics, and will be packed in a traditional bag and header packaging by JB Roe.
But wait, there's more! Each Tricera-Tank will come with an extremely limited, high quality print of the JB's insanely cool art. Tricera-Tank will be available for $95 each, on 02.06.15 at noon CDT from The Galaxxor Online Store.
Can't get enough Tricera-Tank? Stay tuned to the blog this week for full reveal of JB's insanely cool Tricera-Tank art and Luke from Goodleg's Trucera-Tank bio!

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