Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Galaxxor 007 Drops 09.24.11 at Power-Con

From the galaxy conquering armies of a dark and powerful techno wizard comes the seventh Galaxxor: Monster Hunter Robo, Galaxxor 007! This classic 5.5" action figure-style resin art toy was sculpted by Ben Spencer, hand cast in resin by The Godbeast, painted in a brilliant red glitter coat and given vintage-style digital decal embellishments by Ben Spencer. Galaxxor 007 features 2 points of articulation and comes packed in a traditional bag and header style with exclusive header card art by Tim Seeley and colors by Ryan Browne. Exclusively available at Power-Con/ThunderCon: He-Man, She-Ra and ThunderCats Fan Convention, this figure is limited to an edition of 5 and will never be produced in this colorway ever again.Galaxxor 007 will be available for $75 each, 09.24.11-09.25.11, at Tim Seeley's table at Power-Con/ThunderCon. If there are any remaining after the show, they will be available 09.27.11 at noon CST exclusively from The Galaxxor Online Store.


  1. Whoa! I've dug the versions so far, but this one is stunning!

  2. Thanks, Shawn!
    I am particularly proud of this design. And, although the pics came out okay, they still don't capture the finish of the red very well. He looks much more like a bumper car or a bowling ball in person.