Friday, June 10, 2011

005 Transmissions from The Godbeast

This is some truly exciting stuff! I had the vision, but it was only through the incomparable skill of The Godbeast that the base for what will be Galaxxor 005 has become a reality. Pictured here (originally posted on The Godbeast's blog) is a crystal clear resin Galaxxor body that is absolutely jam packed with neon yellow bb's (or is that a hive of Xenotron drones?). As you can see, these guys really look great under blacklight, as well.
Also pictured are some really cool Glyos Mutant figures that are a collaboration between The Godbeast and the extremely talented Jason Frailey.

I will obviously post more news here as things progress. Keep an eye out for more 005 updates, very soon!


  1. Ben, that mother is awesome! Are Xenotron drones sealed tight in there, or can they be removed?

  2. Tight, Pete, tight! ;D Not a roto-casting...solid UV resistant goodness!


  3. Pete! I just realized that I still owe you some stickers. Oops! They're on their way.