Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Story of the Tricera-Tanks

Shortly before a devastating meteor impact on Planet Prehis, a team of soldiers and scientists of the Lazer-Saur race were sent into space to find a place that was told to be the source of life. This fabled place was the so called "Forbidden Zone", palladium of the Prima Materia, which was protected by an ancient ape civilization known as the Holo Apes. The Lazer-Saurs had to construct the ultimate weapon to stand against an almost invincible force. They created the Tricera-Tanks: powerful, fully robotic dino warriors!  
The Tricera-Tanks are the Lazer-Saurs last hope to defeat the Holo Apes, gather the essence of life, return to their home planet, and to save Prehis from its fate.
Bio courtesy of Goodleg Toys.
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