Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hippos and Titans and Soldiers and Men and Monsters and Astronauts (Oh My!)

How cool is this? It's a test shot of my new Hippo Titan Soldier figure that I'm doing as a collaboration with ManOrMonster? Studios. ManOrMonster? is the mastermind behind the awesome Warlords of Wor and MOTUMU lines of magnetically articulated 5.5" resin designer action figures. Much like other ManOrMonster? productions, Hippo Titan Soldier will have magnetic articulation. In this case, the articulation will be at the arms and waist and HTS will be fully compatible with WoW and MOTUMU's.
 Additionally, Hippo Titan Toldier will include a blunderbuss accessory, which will be able to be magnetically stored on either his thigh or back. These are in the works now, and I am going to TRY to get a small batch done for C2E2 at the end of April. I have quite a few exciting projects for C2E2, including the Infection Galaxxor collab with The Godbeast and Onell design, Lucha Shark Rudo Rey Mar, a Shawnimals collab Galaxxor, as well as a Skinner General Gorgax! So yeah, I'm busy. I will,at the very least, premiere a painted sample of the first HTS figure at C2E2. We'll just have to see...
It's also worth noting that this design and concept owes a great deal of debt to the Giff from the currently inactive Spelljammer D&D campaign setting.  Anyone who's the least bit interested is wholeheartedly advised to check Spelljammer out!
I had posted about this before, but one of the coolest projects in the world right now is the Mini Comics Included Kickstarter by my friends Michael Moreci, Steve Seeley, and Tim Seeley!  One of the incentives for the project was a super exclusive Galaxxor, which sold out immediately. But fear not! New incentives have been added, including this super cool Murder figure (from Hoax Hunters) which just happens to feature some Hippo Titan soldier parts sculpted by yours truly, along with other parts by ManorMonster Studios!

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